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Before you make a final decision to enrol make sure this course is the right one for you


FAQ: How long will the course take to complete?

Reading the learning materials may take around 24 reading hours

Completing the written assessment may take around 48 working hours


FAQ: What sort of course questions are in the written assessment?

There are Quiz questions requiring numerical calculation such as:


Given that all wages are exempt from GST, if a property is sold for $450,000 and the commission rate is say 2.5% (excl GST) and your share is say 40% of the office commission before GST then how much will you receive?

A. $11,750

B. $12,375

C. $13,275

D. $4,950

E. $4,500



450,000 x 2.5 / 100 = 11,250

11,250 x 40 / 100 = 4,500



There are Quiz questions offering true/false or multiple-choice answers such as:


Cooling-off periods apply to auctions

A. True

B. False



Cooling-off periods do not apply to auctions



There are Questions requiring short answers such as:

Name the Act that governs real estate practices for your state


There are Questions requiring long answers such as:

Name 4 management responsibilities of the Agency Principal (about 20 words)


There are Research and project tasks such as:

Do a Google search of “real estate sale contract cooling-off period (state)”

Provide the cooling-off period (in days only) for sale contracts for your state


There are Case studies and simulation scenarios such as:

After moving into one of your rental properties, the tenant, Aaron finds that the bathroom taps are leaking and the roller door for the garage is not working properly …….


FAQ: What happens once the written work is submitted?

Role-plays will be conducted which simulate actual real estate interactions

Completing the role-plays may take around 48 hours

Then you’re done!

We will work with you one-to-one, every step of the way, to help you complete


FAQ: What qualifications are issued once the course is completed?

Qualifications from the Certificate IV Property Services training package will be issued to you with a Statement of Attainment. These qualifications will satisfy the educational requirements for working in the real estate industry in your state.


FAQ: What if you change your mind or need to postpone completing the course?

A cooling-off period of 15 days applies to all course fees. Within the cooling-off period, learners not wishing to complete the course may exercise their entitlement to a full refund, provided that the assessment process has not commenced. In the event of any hardship preventing course completion, learners are encouraged to request a proportionate refund.


FAQ: What happens if you fail?

This doesn’t happen. Failure is not an option. We will continue to work with you until you pass. Your enrolment status will only lapse if you don’t maintain contact with us.


FAQ: Are there any hidden or additional costs charged?

No. Absolutely none.


FAQ: Are you suited to working in the Real Estate industry?






Self assess your suitability – add up your total score

A score of 100+ means that you are very suited to a real estate sales career


Rate your natural skills 1 to 5 (1 = unskilled, 5 = very skilled)

1   2  3   4   5   Using effective conflict resolution techniques

1   2  3   4   5   Using effective negotiation techniques

1   2  3   4   5   Using effective compromise techniques

1   2  3   4   5   Using effective confrontation techniques

1   2  3   4   5   Establishing rapport with people

1   2  3   4   5   Determining the needs of others

1   2  3   4   5   Being non-judgmental

1   2  3   4   5   Providing accurate advice and explaining myself clearly

1   2  3   4   5   Conducting myself ethically

1   2  3   4   5   Recording information

1   2  3   4   5   Following instructions

1   2  3   4   5   Managing my time

1   2  3   4   5   Turning up for appointments

1   2  3   4   5   Problem solving

1   2  3   4   5   Presenting personally in a professional manner

1   2  3   4   5   Working effectively as part of a team

1   2  3   4   5   Writing letters and reports and using effective telephone skills

1   2  3   4   5   Using basic software including databases, email, word and spreadsheets


Answer the following questions

When dealing with new customers it is particularly important to …

  1. Make a good first impression
  2. Be positive in your approach
  3. Listen carefully and take note of their needs
  4. All of the above

(D=5, A,B,C=2 each)


A negative first impression can take years to change, so you should always aim for a positive result when meeting or dealing with new people

A. True

B. False

(A=5, B=0)


As a real estate agent, it is very important that you are …

A. Never on time for appointments

B. Brutally honest

C. Forthcoming in your opinion on the vendor’s decorating choices

D. Reliable and punctual

(D=5, B=1, A,C=0)


As a real estate agent it is very important to be immaculately groomed

A. True

B. False

(A=5, B=0)


When presenting yourself to clients it’s important that your clothes are…

A. Casual

B. Formal

C. Expensive

D. Smart and business like

(D=5, A,B,C=0)


In order to reach your goals on a daily basis you should…

A. Play it by ear

B. Know exactly what you must do and write it down in a plan

C. Think about it for a while

D. None of the above

(B=5, A,C,D=0)


If a sales call required some confrontation successful real estate professionals would most likely choose to…

A. Do it gently so that the client still likes them

B. Take it head on

C. Get someone else to do it

D. None of the above

(B=5, A,C,D=0)



If a client raised an objection a good Salesperson would most likely …

A. Freeze

B. Counter the objection

C. Avoid the issue

D. Make up an answer

(B=5, A,C,D=0)


After a sales presentation a good Salesperson would always..

A. Allow the client to think it over and get back to you whenever

B. Try to close the sale and find out what the objections are

C. Follow up the client a few months later

D. Argue with the client

(B=5, A,C,D=0)


A home water tank 15m x 10m x 5m holds how many cubic metres?

A. 750

B. 7.5

C. 75

D. 7500

(A=5, B,C,D=0)


How many sixteenths-of-a-page newspaper ads can fit into a quarter page?

A. 16

B. 4

C. 64

D. 1

(B=5, A,C,D=0)