The decision to sell your home is huge, and not one to be taken lightly. Finding the right agent to take care of the morst valuable asset you own, and feel as though they have your best interests at the forefront of their mind, can be painstaking. That’s why it’s imperative that you choose the right real estate agent.


Home-owners may be tempted to go it alone, or use a less experienced, unlicensed real estate agent hoping it will save on expenses. Below we detail the top four factors astute home-owners should consider when selecting a real estate agent to work with, along with the methods available to you to check on your agents licensing status.


You will need an agent that can generate a great deal of exposure for your property. This is where an agent’s ‘personal branding’ is important, the more of a ‘presence’ they have established for themselves, the more exposure you’ll be able to gain for your property. Ensure that your agent has been switched on enough to establish their own personal brand, be it through the use of social media or their excellent networking skills. They need to be seen to be actively seeking new and alternate routes to expose both themselves, and your property to connect with the optimum buyer.


Property transactions, legally binding contracts along with all the relevant supporting documentation can be extremely complicated. It is the business of an estate agent to have the expertise to understand the rules, regulations and obligations of a contract. By choosing to only work with an estate agent that is fully licensed, ensures that you are entrusting your property with an agent that has certified, up to date and relevant industry knowledge.


When trying to get the best price for your home, it is crucial your agent has an in-depth knowledge of your area’s market conditions. Real estate is an ever changing and complex industry; your real estate agent will need to have their finger on the pulse of the property market’s wrist. A good real estate agent will know the local area; a GREAT real estate agent will be able to give your advice on the markets trends for your area as well as changes in potential buyer’s demands.


Industry experience cannot be bought. By ensuring a real estate agent are they themselves licensed, not just working under a licensed principle, you cut out a great deal of inexperienced agents. This ensures that you’re working with agents that have a superior level of familiarity, which is crucial to success within such the high regulated industry.

Not sure if the real estate agent you’re working with is fully licensed?

Click the link to your state below and check (Tasmania does not currently have this function available).






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