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With 37% of the country now smartphone owners, Australia is now ranked second in the world for smart phone usage. For many of us, it’s hard to even fathom how anyone got by without one. As well as being a fundamental element of our social lives, the use of smart phone apps has been adopted across a broad range of industries as a means to improve organisation and efficiency. Here’s a list of apps for real estate agents that will assist your fast paced day to day activities.

Top apps for real estate agents:


Evernote allows you to collate, organise, sync  and share your notes, images, files and videos across all your devices.

Drop Box

Dropbox is a great tool for accessing documents from anywhere. It works through cloud storage and you can use it for free with up to 2GB storage (paid plans allow you to store more).

Cam Scanner

Speaking of documents, if you ever need to scan documents on the move this app will save you a lot of hassle. Cam scanner allows you to scan your documents from your mobile device and send them on to colleagues or clients whilst on the go.

Google apps

Whether you need to find an address, view properties or set appointment reminders – Google apps are a must. If you are a real estate agent it is worth using Google maps, Gmail and Google calendar.

Efficiency and organisation are integral for a successful real estate agent, so step it up a notch with these apps and find the ones which work the best for you. What apps do you find useful? Share your ideas below about the top apps for real estate agents!

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