Is your goal to run your own real estate agency one day? That’s a good start – having a goal helps you stay motivated and move forward in your career. Knowing how to reach your goal is the next step.

Be Industry Savvy

Moving to a leadership role in any industry means developing a thorough understanding of how it works and keeping up to date with changes. Lay a solid foundation in your first years by learning from experience, researching, immersing yourself in real estate news, networking and asking questions. This will get you in a good habit of being proactive and staying on top of things.

Get Licensed

You can know the real estate industry from the inside out, but if you don’t have the correct license you aren’t going anywhere. The first step to becoming a fully licensed real estate agent is to complete the required training units for your state and get 1 year of industry experience.

After you have worked for a year in the industry you can become an independent real estate agent by completing the next course and becoming completely licenses. You will need to do this to run your own business. The relevant courses for each state are listed below.

  • Certificate IV in Property Services (VIC, QLD, NSW)
  • Diploma of Property Services (WA)

Once you have received your real estate license it will remain valid for 1-3 years. With this license under your belt you don’t have to work under the authority of another agent. This gives you the freedom to run your own real estate agency.

Business license

If you wish to run your own real estate business you will need to ensure all business licenses and registrations are in place. To read more about the business licenses needed for the operations of your business visit the Australian Business Licence and Information (ABLIS) website.

Keep your reputation up to scratch

The way people perceive you is of the utmost importance in sales industries. This is no different for real estate. Building and maintaining a good reputation involves creating a strong brand, getting to know others in the industry, offering high quality and professional service and always looking your best.

Run your own real estate agency

You might just be starting out in the real estate industry, but your goal to one day run your own real estate business is more reachable than you think. This information gives you a start to mapping out the steps you need to take to reach your goal. Talk to others in the industry and move towards making your goal a reality.

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