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The more hours you work the more you earn. That’s what they say, right? Although this idea makes sense logically, it’s not the key to earning more. Sure, the most successful real estate agents work hard, but their success is also dependent on their brand. The way people perceive you as an agent can be the difference between making and losing a sale. You don’t need to work ungodly hours, but you do need to manage your personal brand.

Here are a few tips, dos and don’ts, for creating a successful personal brand that will make you money:

1. Don’t just dress like an executive, have an executive presence.

The first thing Real Estate entrants tend to do is rush off and spend hundreds of dollars on a new suit, outfit or overpriced haircut in the hopes it’ll be the clincher for their first sale. Whilst I’m by no means downplaying the importance of always presenting yourself professionally – Agent’s must also recognise the importance of their executive ‘presence’. Whether you’re attending a job interview or holding an open for inspection, you must project confidence and in doing so, ensure that come across as calm, capable and confident. Read 4 Ways to Build Your ‘Executive Presence’ for more information.

2. Clean up your Social Media

Either un-tag yourself from the not too employer friendly photos from the weekend, remove any inappropriate Facebook posts or ensure that your privacy settings are set friends only. Social Media now trump resumes when potential employers are looking to hire, so ensure your online presence is squeaky clean. To ensure you aren’t showing inappropriate information on Facebook adjust your  privacy settings.

3. Create a professional LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for Real Estate Agents entering the market. Your personalised, professional and informative LinkedIn account may be the first thing potential clients look at when deciding whether to list their property with you or potential employers look at when deciding whether you’re right for the job.


  •  Ensure you Agents Representative course is listed in qualifications.
  • Provide detail on all particularly relevant work experience.
  • Check all content for spelling mistakes.

DON’T (Ever!):

  • Use a profile photo that you’ve needed to crop your friends, alcoholic beverages or club logos out of – If you don’t already have a professional photo, have a friend take one of you dressed professionally against a plain background.

Start earning in the real estate industry!

Time is money in the real estate game, spend your time wisely and you’ll build yourself a reputation that will not only serve, but follow you throughout your real estate career. Get started and start earning in the real estate industry!

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